Use of Vital Tissue

Many operations lead to residual tissue being discarded, such as intestinal tissue in the case of a gastric bypass. This is vital human tissue that allows researchers to conduct valuable research without laboratory animals. A large consortium including TNO, HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, Logiqol, Sanquin, UMCs and various companies established the preconditions for this infrastructure for vital tissue. These include preconditions such as the quality of the residual tissue, the patient’s consent for its use, the cooperation of physicians to ensure that it is reused rather than discarded, an ICT platform to register everything, logistics to transport the tissue from the operating table to the research lab in good time and while it is still vital and the financing of the basic organisation. No ethical or legal obstacles were found. VitalTissue is feasible and could support the actions of the TPI partners. As a result, it is now important to crystallise ownership and the financing of the required infrastructure. A structural and stable basis will allow VitalTissue to actually get off the ground, with the registration and logistics of the residual tissue expected to be self-financing.