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Task description Young TPI board

Publication | 25-05-2022

Inception document Young TPI

Publication | 25-05-2022

Policy and regulations on alternatives to animal testing

This document has been issued by the Dutch Interdepartmental Working Group on Alternatives to Animal Testing (IWAD) and concerns ...

Publication | 14-07-2021

Review of TPI 2018- 2020

TPI is a programme that seeks to accelerate the transition to innovation without the use of animals by encouraging alternatives ...

Report | 11-11-2020

Samen kansrijke transitiepaden inslaan naar proefdiervrije innovatie

Het Dutch Research Institute For Innovations (DRIFT) onderzocht waar de transitie naar proefdiervrije innovatie (TPI) nu staat, ...

Publication | 02-07-2020

Takeaways of the international Pioneer-2-Policymaker conference

From the 27th till the 29th of November, the international Pioneer-2-Policymaker conference was held in Utrecht. The Dutch ...

Publication | 29-01-2020

Beyond borders

Ownership for the transition is important, listen to the testimonials. Behind borders is the first video about the pioneer 2 ...

Video | 29-01-2020

Invisible Walls

Test developers, regulators and end-users can learn from each other.  Invisible walls is the second video about the ...

Video | 29-01-2020

Business Opportunities

Damiën van Berlo from U-AIM (Utrecht Advanced In vitro Models hub) organized the session on business development opportunities in ...

Video | 29-01-2020

TPI booklet: 26x better and faster without the use of animals

26 ‘positive stories’ and examples of producers of animal-free testing methods.

Publication | 13-12-2019