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  1. Task description Young TPI board

    Publication | 25-05-2022

  2. Inception document Young TPI

    Publication | 25-05-2022

  3. Policy and regulations on alternatives to animal testing

    This document has been issued by the Dutch Interdepartmental Working Group on Alternatives to Animal Testing (IWAD) and concerns ...

    Publication | 14-07-2021

  4. Review of TPI 2018- 2020

    TPI is a programme that seeks to accelerate the transition to innovation without the use of animals by encouraging alternatives ...

    Report | 11-11-2020

  5. Samen kansrijke transitiepaden inslaan naar proefdiervrije innovatie

    Het Dutch Research Institute For Innovations (DRIFT) onderzocht waar de transitie naar proefdiervrije innovatie (TPI) nu staat, ...

    Publication | 02-07-2020

  6. Takeaways of the international Pioneer-2-Policymaker conference

    From the 27th till the 29th of November, the international Pioneer-2-Policymaker conference was held in Utrecht. The Dutch ...

    Publication | 29-01-2020

  7. Beyond borders

    Ownership for the transition is important, listen to the testimonials. Behind borders is the first video about the pioneer 2 ...

    Video | 29-01-2020

  8. Invisible Walls

    Test developers, regulators and end-users can learn from each other.  Invisible walls is the second video about the ...

    Video | 29-01-2020

  9. Business Opportunities

    Damiën van Berlo from U-AIM (Utrecht Advanced In vitro Models hub) organized the session on business development opportunities in ...

    Video | 29-01-2020

  10. TPI booklet: 26x better and faster without the use of animals

    26 ‘positive stories’ and examples of producers of animal-free testing methods.

    Publication | 13-12-2019