TPI is a programme promoting the transition to animal-free research. A partner programme in which ministries and other organisations work together.

Brain cells in a petri dish


The Netherlands aims to become an international frontrunner in creating innovations that make animal testing obsolete. For this reason, the national government is encouraging the development and application of research methods that do not involve animal testing. This is being conducted through the partner programme Transition Programme for Innovation without the use of animals. Read more about the TPI programme.

We all want a safer world for humanity, animals and the environment (animated video)


Milestones towards animal-free innovations

The Netherlands aims to become a driving force in accelerating the transition involving biomedical research and clinical drug trials without using animals. The (partners in the) Transition Programme towards Innovation without the use of laboratory animals have a slogan that says it all: Better predictions without the use of animals. The timeline provides an overview of the developments required in order to achieve that aim.