What TPI does

The continuation of TPI, since 2020

The TPI partners want to accelerate the transition to animal-free innovation by means of various actions regarding innovations without the use of animals. The partners do not interfere with each other's actions, which sometimes form part of even more comprehensive consortiums. What they do under the banner of TPI is work together to find ways to strengthen each other's actions. They also enhance their mutual focus on the common mission of stimulating innovations. 

As a result, they are joining forces to seek the optimal direction for the intended change. After all, a transition is characterised by uncertainty: we have left A but do not know exactly where B is. The Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality is in charge of the partner programme. This means organising regular consultations between the partners, who will coordinate their actions and see what the transition needs in order to accelerate. The Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality also facilitates consultation with other ministries concerned with alternatives to animal use and animal-free innovations.