Questions and sharing allows professionals working on animal-free innovations to find each other across borders and disciplines. These are professionals from the entire development chain ‘from an invention in a laboratory to access to the market’. is therefore of interest to scientists from various fields, but also to safety assessors in various contexts and companies from various sectors that are working on animal-free models and tests.

Any professional in the world can upload a video on In this video, you can ask for help or share data, information and knowledge. Would you like to share something or are you looking for professional knowledge? Visit 

A learning online exchange network

People only tend to visit an information portal after being advised to do so by a person they know or when they need a concrete explanation of how something works. And unlocking data is complex. Against this background, the RIVM is developing this TV channel for professionals on animal-free innovations. This was commissioned by the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality.

With guidance from research agency EMMA, in consultation with stakeholders from the TPI network and in collaboration with development company Tradecast, the RIVM carried out a pilot with this TV channel in 2020 by monitoring and encouraging its use. The design and classification were chosen on this basis.
This year, the RIVM will continue to fill with content, with a sounding board group and in collaboration with guest editors from the field.

To illustrate the connective effect of, the RIVM is organising instructional online workshops in August 2021 during a EUSAAT congress and during the 11th World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use in the Life Sciences.

If possible and desirable, will be further developed into an interactive channel in consultation with the field. In time, the parties will also consider whether and how technical and organisational integration with the TPI website is possible.