Global Education Hub boosts education on animal-free innovations

TPI Utrecht and PETA UK have taken the initiative to establish a Global Education Hub. The aim of the platform is to stimulate education in animal-free methods worldwide. An integration of these methods into education curricula and courses, from secondary school to continuing education courses for professionals, is needed to promote a shift towards non-animal research as the norm.

Sitting in a circle during a Helpathon

People from 18 countries around the world, spanning NGOs, government agencies, representatives from industry and academia, including both teachers and students, have joined the initiative. The diverse backgrounds of the group reflect a broad spectrum of expertise and perspectives.

The group has met twice so far, and working groups have been set up to develop activities in the short term. The next meeting of the Global Education Hub will be on 20 June in Utrecht. If you are interested in participating, please send an email to

You can read more about the Global Education Hub on TPI Utrecht's website.