Top Sector Life Sciences & Health

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The Top Sector Life Sciences & Health (LSH) supports partnerships between businesses and knowledge institutions. By joining forces, they are able to generate solutions for the Dutch health care sector. The aim of the Top Sector is to maintain a high quality of health care and to allow people to participate actively and dynamically in society for as long as possible, all while safeguarding affordability.

Partnerships between stakeholders from academia, the business sector, politics and society are key to finding innovative solutions. The Top Sector supports their research and development activities in all kinds of areas, from medicine and medical technology to the organisation of health care, vaccination programmes and transition projects.

Within the TPI, the Top Sector LSH highlights opportunities, forges links between stakeholders and increases the pace of innovation. The Top Sector is covered by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy's mission-driven innovation policy.

Within the TPI, the Top Sector Life Sciences & Health is involved with: