Top Sector Life Sciences & Health (Health~Holland)

Health~Holland aims for better research into medicines, food safety and the risks of substances; ideally without using animal testing. In pursuit of this goal, it stimulates science, business, politics and society. Health~Holland signals opportunities within the TPI programme, unites parties and accelerates innovations.

Opportunities for Dutch innovation

To replace animal testing, Health~Holland supports the search for better alternatives. By connecting with the TPI programme, Health~Holland aims to accelerate these changes. After all, animal-free innovation is better for humans, animals and the environment. It also provides new opportunities in the Dutch innovation landscape.

Health~Holland: healthier for longer

Top Sector Life Sciences & Health (Health~Holland), as the implementation coordinator, champions the economic opportunities offered by the societal theme on ‘Health and Care’ as part of the mission-driven Top Sectors and Innovation Policy. It does this together with various public and private parties on the basis of the five ‘Health and Care’ missions, as drafted by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.

The central mission of Health~Holland is that by 2040, all Dutch citizens will live in good health for at least another five years, and that the health differences between the lowest and highest socioeconomic groups will be reduced by 30%. There are four underlying missions that contribute to this central mission:

  1. changes in lifestyle and living environment;
  2. care in the right place;
  3. better perspectives for people with chronic diseases;
  4. a better quality of life for people with dementia.