Collaborating ministries

As the TPI programme covers several policy areas, collaboration between the different ministries is important.

Six cooperating ministries

The following six ministries regularly hold interdepartmental meetings on animal-free innovation:

  1. Health, Welfare and Sport: follows opportunities and developments in healthcare, establishes legislation and regulations for assessing safety and health risks;
  2. Defence: researches medical measures, for instance against toxic substances;
  3. Infrastructure and Water Management: focuses on assessing the risks and safety of chemical substances;
  4. Education, Culture and Science: promotes the quality of science;
  5. Economic Affairs and Climate Policy: encourages innovation;
  6. Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality: is involved in animal testing for, for instance, crop protection, food safety and livestock farming.

Programme office directed by Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality

The Ministry for Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality directs the TPI programme. This involves, among other things, a programme office that:

  • organises meetings with other departments and partners;
  • organises activities to discuss the transition with partners and with the broad network.
  • measures the progress and pace of the transition;
  • reports to the House of Representatives.

Read more about the interrelated policies of the departments in the document (in Dutch) Beleid en regelgeving rond alternatieven voor dierproeven.