Universities of the Netherlands (UNL)

Universities of the Netherlands (UNL) became a TPI programme partner in 2019. UNL aims to devise a target containing concrete goals for animal-free innovation in academic and post-academic education. To this end, UNL is working together with the Dutch Federation of University Medical Centers (NFL, Nederlandse Federatie van Universitair Medische Centra).

Ambitious, realistic goals

The target comprises quantitative and qualitative descriptions of ambitious, realistic goals for animal-free innovation. This should lead to a reduction in the use of animal testing in education in the coming decade, while maintaining or even improving the quality of education.

Awareness dilemmas

The target must also stimulate further awareness. For instance, about the ethical dilemmas regarding the use of animals in education and in the work field of future researchers and professionals.

The target applies to:

  • university education, i.e. Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes;
  • post-academic training for professionals.

Strong knowledge society

Ensuring high-quality academic education and research: that is the societal task of universities. In doing so, they aim to build a strong knowledge society. Via UNL, the Dutch universities formulate joint ambitions on scientific research and education. UNL also lobbies for the necessary conditions to achieve these ambitions.

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