Putting animal-free methods on the market faster

Studies that replace animal testing do not always reach the market. One reason is that it is hard to find investors. The Dutch Society for the Replacement of Animal Testing (Stichting Proefdiervrij) is researching ways in which this can be improved.

Hard to earn money

From the foundation’s research, it appears that animal-free startups have difficulty earning money through their findings, among other things. This is partly due to:

  • expensive laboratory time and equipment;
  • validation: cumbersome or non-uniform guidelines and bodies that make it difficult to approve animal-free methods;
  • payback period: it takes more time to earn money.

Chances of increasing success

The foundation sees a range of possibilities to increase the success of animal-free findings, such as:

  • facilitating better connection between startups and funders;
  • more funding that is easier to find;
  • increasing the knowledge and skills of animal-free startups;
  • increasing animal-free knowledge and interest among funders.

Funding opportunities for startups

Apart from government funding, other streams of funding are also possible. For example:

  • seed capital funds, whereby investors and the government together create a fund that invests in technological startups;
  • business angels, whereby private individuals invest in young businesses;
  • family offices, which manage family estates;
  • crowdfunding, through which funds are raised from a large group of private investors.