Beyond Animal Testing Index (BATI)

The Beyond Animal Testing Index (BATI) is a method via which research institutions can measure how well they are doing in terms of animal-free innovations themselves, based on the three Rs: replacing, reducing and refining animal testing. The index poses questions that researchers can answer themselves. It is primarily intended for continuous self-improvement.

Comparing advancements

Through the BATI, knowledge institutions (or research departments) can measure and mutually compare their efforts towards animal-free innovation and the three Rs. They can also see their own progress and share their insights and ideas with others. In this way, they can improve themselves. This expedites the transition towards animal-free innovation.

BATI characteristics

  • It is a benchmark (reference framework) focused on learning and improvement, not a ranking.
  • It is a monitoring tool: how is the transition towards animal-free innovation going in our department?
  • It encourages transparency and collaboration.
  • It rewards and shares best practices.
  • It provides scientific evidence for good policy (evidence-based).