Learning from COVID-19 research

Animal-free methods played a limited role in scientific research on Covid-19. Researchers mainly used well-known research models on laboratory animals. These are the findings of a publication by the Netherlands National Committee for the Protection of Animals Used for Scientific Purposes (NCad).

Animal testing due to time pressure

The researchers decided to test on animals due to the time pressure to quickly develop a vaccine. It also proved difficult to research the immune system in animal-free models. Due to the new production method, the new generation of vaccines (using synthetic mRNA containing the protein code of the virus) does contribute towards the reduction of animal testing. These vaccines are tested for efficacy and safety without the use of animals.

Read more in the publication (in Dutch) COVID-19: het gebruik van proefdieren en proefdiervrije methoden in de dynamiek van een pandemie (27 June 2022)