Targets for animal-testing-free research

Research that is just as good or even better, using fewer or no laboratory animals; in so-called targets, researchers describe how they aim to achieve this goal in their field in the coming years. For this purpose, the Netherlands National Committee for the Protection of Animals Used for Scientific Purposes (NCad) has developed a roadmap.

Target content

A target is a document in which the ambition to achieve animal-free innovations for a specific scientific field is described. The NCad encourages the setting of targets, provides advice in writing them and follows their development. 

A target sets out:

  • the goal and when it will be achieved;
  • which animal-free methods will be used;
  • how promising the methods are;
  • the approach and start of the project.

Scientists will soon set targets on:

  • cardiology;
  • immunology.

The NCad and veterinarians will soon start to devise a target on ‘Animals for animals’. 

Read more about the targets for animal-testing-free research on the NCad website (in Dutch).